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Journal Entry: October 19th, 2015

It’s Only a Speed Bump in My Journey – Part III


…Continued from Part II

More sirens and an ambulance appeared. Four firemen lifted me up and held me straight as they put me on a hard, straight, board securing my neck with a brace and strapping me down so I couldn’t move anything except my fingers. I was on that awful board in pain until 4:00am when they had finally gotten enough CT scans, X-rays, and tests completed. They eventually transferred me from the board to the ER bed and I could feel the glass underneath me. I still couldn’t move, but at least I wasn’t on a board strapped down anymore.

Day 1: the ER waiting on a bed of broken glass to hear the CT and X-ray results.

Day 1: the ER waiting on a bed of broken glass to hear the CT and X-ray results.


I think it was about that same time I asked the doctor if I could please go to the bathroom. I had been holding it in all night through the entire ordeal. He ordered a nurse to come in and put in a catheter.

Now, let me just bunny hop here for a moment and get very personal. The only people who had ever seen me naked, let alone see me down there had been a few select female OBGYN doctors and a handful of male sexual partners throughout my life. The OBGYN’s have always been pretty quick about what they have to do, and let’s just say I’ve been fairly bashful around my partners and usually have the lights dimmed very low when they go down on me. So to have a strange nurse staring at and fondling my pretty little pink parts trying to get a tube into my urethra for 15 minutes was a pretty darn embarrassing experience; and one of many to be had throughout this journey.

Now back to the main path. With my bladder relieved and pain starting to kick in, I became more focused and alert of the situation I was in and started bugging the nurses with questions of my status and when I would be going home. Every single one I asked looked at me with a puzzled expression and said the doctor would be back soon. Looking back, I realize the looks were because they were surprised I didn’t realize the serious extent of my injuries. I imagine they must have been thinking something along the lines of: “Look lady, you’ve been in the ER all night long, have internal bleeding, and your hip is alllllllll messed up. You ain’t gonna’ be goin’ home any time soon so stop being all cray.”

Tick tock. Tick tock. Tick toc. What time was it?

The doc finally came back in and announced he was going to be admitting me to the hospital to monitor my internal bleeding until an orthopedic surgeon would be on call later that day with a proper diagnosis of my injuries. Until then, would I like some drugs for the pain?

Um, yes please.

Day 1: in the ER on drugs and hoping I can find a nail technician to do my next mani/pedi in the hospital.

Day 1: in the ER on drugs and hoping I can find a nail technician to do my next mani/pedi in the hospital.

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