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Journal Entry: August 29, 2016

Leave Blank Spaces Open for Your Future

Week 31 (photos)

When I first moved to Miami in 2014 I had hung on to all these random frames I had from my childhood, college years, single years, photography studio, art shows broken down, and outdated home decor.

Coming from a long line of artistic pack-rats, I couldn’t bear to part with them so I started spray painting them either white or gold and had a grand plan to hang them on “the perfect wall” in my new home. Well, after they dried in the Miami heat outside for a couple of days, I brought them in and stacked them on my dining room table for a couple of weeks. Then the company came over and I stashed them in a big bin in the laundry room where they sat for two years collecting dust, until recently, when my nesting instincts kicked into full gear.

I finally hung them in my bedroom next to my bed, on the wall that will be the backdrop to my baby’s bassinet. I’m so excited that in just a few weeks I’ll be looking at her sleeping (and crying) with a beautiful backdrop of empty frames representing the unwritten future.

The frames will remain empty until she is old enough to fill each one up with one of her own favorite memories. I’m excited to see what this wall will look like in 10, 16, and 25 years from now.

Keep some frames empty in your life.

LaRae Lobdell maternity portrait selfie week #31, Miami FL, August 22nd, 2016
LaRae Lobdell maternity portrait selfie week #32, Miami FL, August 22nd, 2016
LaRae Lobdell maternity portrait selfie week #32, Miami FL, August 22nd, 2016
LaRae Lobdell maternity portrait selfie week #31, Miami FL, August 22nd, 2016

Portrait Photographer, Writer, and Consultant LaRae Lobdell is an environmental portrait photographer, host, and instructor with over 20 years of experience photographing, directing, producing exhibits, and speaking in the photography industry. She focuses on providing artists, actors, models, and companies with lifestyle and conceptual imagery for promotional use and branding. Her approach is very contemporary, her work has a timeless elegance, and she represents the grace, distinction, and style that is possible in photography. Her curriculum vitae includes 21 photography exhibits of her own work, the curation of 15 exhibits for other artists’ and museums, the production of 13 private and community events, and two year’s experience as director of one of Seattle’s largest art walks. Her images have been published in The Huffington Post, Broadway World, Yale University Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, and even aired on the Colbert Report. LaRae’s position as a lead host for online educational giants such as CreativeLive and Polaroid University gave her the unique opportunity as one of an elite group of professionals to connect a live global audience to top renowned professionals in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, software design, productivity, and lifestyle. She brought her network to BLACKRAPID as their Culture Liaison, facilitating close working relationships between influencers and organizations for promotional sales and marketing. Grateful to be a stay-at-home mom while balancing a rewarding career in the photography industry, this proud single mom enjoys a nomadic traveling lifestyle between Seattle and the Florida Keys with her daughter, Emerson.


  • July 18, 2017

    LaRae, I follow you on Instagram and came onto this blog after seeing a photo of you and your daughter. I am surprised with all the twists and turns your life has taken in such a short time. I first knew of you from a PhotoSisters giveaway, in which I was sent a lens keeper thingie for my camera strap. And then of course Creative Live. Your theater people project. On Instagram, I saw you move to Florida. This blog is so real, so raw, so honest. You have always seemed so sunny, such a bright light, and you have definitely been dealt a hand. I hope things are good for you now. Enjoy the good times with your daughter and I hope your career has picked up but gives you enough time to introduce your daughter to the delights of the beach.

      • Diana Lundin

        July 28, 2017

        If I’m ever in Florida with my camera…


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