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Hi! I’m LaRae:)
Let’s make our life
an adventure

On October 16th, 2015, I was the passenger in a terrible car accident. Just one evening before I had wrapped my third day of contractual shooting for the dream job I had worked towards for nearly twenty years to earn, as host for Polaroid’s new education platform, Polaroid University. I was living a life I had dreamed of: career, fun lifestyle in tropical Miami, and was trying to conceive a baby with my fiancé to start our family together.

That accident put me in the hospital for two weeks and a wheelchair for three months with a broken pelvis. I lost the contract. I lost all independence as I couldn’t walk, drive, and was physically dependent on someone else helping me with even the smallest of tasks. I wasn’t able to work. And I had very large medical bills that the insurance didn’t cover. All of which made me feel pretty worthless and hopeless during the long span of forced downtime during my rehabilitation.

I had a lot of time alone in my home and took the period to rest and think about what it was I truly wanted out of this life. As my pelvis slowly healed, and I regained the strength in my body, I felt like a racehorse ready to bolt out of the gate and was ready to race towards the life that I had put on pause.

But God had other plans for me.

At the beginning of February 2016, I turned 40 which was a mind trip. A week later (just two weeks after I had been walking unassisted) my fiancé left me (two weeks before our original wedding date), and the ultimate kicker was that four days after he left I found out I was pregnant with my first child, a child we had been trying to conceive since the previous summer.

I found myself alone, knocked up, in the suburbs of a new city, left with $60K in hospital bills, $10K in mutual credit card debt, $3K a month in household overhead, a car that I couldn’t drive more than two miles, two cats, a dog, and without a job or cent to my name. What does one do when life throws all of that you at once?

You grow really strong. You become resilient. You learn to forgive. Your heart heals and your soul becomes fierce.

This blog is my story. It is the journal entries I took time to write since the accident, and new entries as I start to define who I am starting from scratch in this new place without a career and a job, and the soon-to-be new role of motherhood.

It’s raw and unfiltered, brutally honest, and faithfully me. I’m excited and completely terrified facing life and admitting the truth every day.

And I’m really glad you are here with me.


``Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.`` ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Photographer, Writer, and Consultant

LaRae Lobdell is an environmental portrait photographer, host, and instructor with over 20 years of experience photographing, directing, producing exhibits, and speaking in the photography industry. She focuses on providing artists, actors, models, and companies with lifestyle and conceptual imagery for promotional use and branding. Her approach is very contemporary, her work has a timeless elegance, and she represents the grace, distinction, and style that is possible in photography.

Her curriculum vitae includes 21 photography exhibits of her own work, the curation of 15 exhibits for other artists’ and museums, the production of 13 private and community events, and two year’s experience as director of one of Seattle’s largest art walks. Her images have been published in The Huffington Post,Broadway World, Yale University Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, and even aired on the Colbert Report.

LaRae’s position as a lead host for online educational giants such as CreativeLive and Polaroid University gave her the unique opportunity as one of an elite group of professionals to connect a live global audience to top renowned professionals in photography, video, design, business, audio, music, software design, productivity, and lifestyle. She brought her network to BLACKRAPID as their Culture Liaison, facilitating close working relationships between influencers and organizations for promotional sales and marketing.

Grateful to be a stay-at-home mom while balancing a rewarding career in the photography industry, this proud single mom enjoys a nomadic traveling lifestyle in the Pacific Northwest with her daughter, Emerson.


This blog is so real, so raw, so honest. You have always seemed so sunny, such a bright light, and you have definitely been dealt a hand. I hope things are good for you now. Enjoy the good times with your daughter and I hope your career has picked up but gives you enough time to introduce your daughter to the delights of the beach.

- Diana L.

Your descriptions of your roller coaster ride into motherhood will bring front and center the exact feelings, words used in quiet exhaustion. Welcome to the most wonderful club. A club where you really receive back in spades the amount of love, patience, education, courage and tolerance you put into helping your child blossom.

– Susan B.

I can feel your strength all the way here in California. I know you’ll figure it all out. Not everyone has the strength to be publicly vulnerable and you continue to show us what you are made of. Your little one will know what it is like to have a strong role model and how to be resilient when many others would give up. Keep on rocking beautiful (inside and out) lady!

— Val L.

This is so beautiful LaRae. And you look so fresh and full of life!! <3

- Lucy