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We are Shades of Rae, your favorite single parent adventurer!


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From Miami to Seattle, to San Antonio-Seattle, to Portland-San Francisco-San Diego-Los Angeles-Hollywood-Long Beach-Santa Barbara-Seattle, to Miami-Orlando-Miami-The Florida Keys-Seattle, and now beginning a 3,500-mile road trip across the United States car camping with my little girl. Life as a single parent is about courageously living life bravely by continuing to put one foot in front of another and enjoying every moment of the journey.

4,103 Mile Road Trip Across the US with a Toddler as a Single Mom.

It does take faith to take big steps in life, it is scary to do and there is risk involved, but there is affirmation in success if you are on the right path. God continues to affirm, affirm, affirm. Do everything you can do to follow God’s criteria, and He is faithful every time.

You’ve got to be daring. You’ve got to be gutsy. You’ve got to be prepared to change the path you’ve been on for a bigger picture.

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