Journal Entry: April 17, 2016

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again

Six months ago this week I was in an accident that put me in the hospital for two weeks and in a wheelchair for three months. This was followed by many more weeks of walker and cane use as I trained my muscles to become strong enough to hold my own weight again. Two weeks after getting on my feet I went through more personal loss and felt my heart just couldn’t take anymore.

But my heart is strong and can do this.

Although this is a journey that has taught me lessons in being patient and being whole in who I am no matter my handicaps or imperfections, the biggest lesson is that I am my strongest when I am at my weakest moments in life.

So this is for all of those who are going through a season of trials, hurts, loss, and hearts that feel troubled. IT WILL BE OK. You WILL get through this. Tell your heart to beat again. It is already healed and ready for you to begin again.

You are only strong when you are weak.