Journal Entry: November 15, 2015

Day 31

My gold walker gets me from the wheelchair to the commode to the bench seat in the bathtub to shower and back to the wheelchair. A process that takes me about an hour these days. Every day I’m grateful that I didn’t die in the car wreck.

Every day is an obstacle course of physical challenges as I do small daily activities to feel somewhat normal on my path. Every day is filled with moments of frustration trying to will my body to heal. Every day balancing enough movement for physical therapy but not too much to where I have to rest for two days to recover. Every day I have to rely on someone else to care for me. Every day is filled with the ultimate level of trust in being cared for. Every day that is frustrating and humbling. Every day I am willing my body to heal. Every day I am paying for patience and grace. Every day my physical, mental, and emotional state is tried and tested to the brink of exhaustion. Every day makes me stronger.